Hello there! I do hope you are wonderfully well! Welcome to the month of nurses week, May I say delighted I am about it. For that reason and sheer excitement, I would like to chat with you about holistic nursing in specifics.

Oxymorons aside, the series will be centred on breaking down the big picture of healthcare in small frames from a nursing perspective. The general wellbeing of nurses from how the profession affects them and the implication of these outcomes on nurses, the profession, healthcare organizations & their clients.

These are the episodes;

Understanding Compassion Fatigue in Nursing

Managing Compassion Fatigue for Nurses

Organizational Detriments of Compassion Fatigue

How to aid Health Workers Overcome Compassion fatigue Part 1

How to aid Health Workers Overcome Compassion fatigue Part 2

I hope you will benefit from this in-depth series! Share it with a friend, a colleague and/or a stranger who can enjoy it too. Get in touch with us here. Let me know what you think about these matters, what you’d like to discuss and so on.

Enjoy the week & Enjoy your life.


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