Unnecessary Caffeine For the late nights.

If you are a late-late-night bug that struggles to find their thought flow and comprehension under the sun, let me warm your cup of coffee.


Despite adulthood & a logical mind, I still make attempts at waking up early in the morning. Every time, the failing thud is consistently resolved by a monologue. One, often, like this one you’re now reading.

There seems to be a notion placed in our minds that waking up early will give you wings yet the reality is, trotting on by midday while having a grudge against the unknown. At least for me. After primary school, I set my alarm for four am and often woke up, glared at my study material, rereading sentences then blanketing it in.

Where the need is, I wake up early for work or to clean my apartment. Despite unbending schedules taking this away from my daily routine, I make it a habit whenever I can.

In these grown years, I have embraced the silence of night and company of the solitary crickets squeezing in under doors. Time to flourish. Read to understand. Write to remember. be and become. It got to 2 am and the coffee had been your keeper all along. We subliminally acknowledge that it is a placebo. You do know that textbook pages have a distinct scent which is a symphony with the sound of lead scratching paper. Only clearer at night.

Cheers to you. If the howling of lone wolves or squabbling of stray mongrels is unbecoming,  here, here and highly preferred here are backdrops for your sessions. The caffeine can keep itself company.


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