5 Tips to prepare for Nursing School

Congratulations! You are starting on an epic journey. Being prepared before your first day of nursing school is a big part of survival and will help you start your semester in the right psychological & physical state. Whether during clinical rotation or over coursework, these five tips will assist you to achieve your best in nursing school and as a professional.

1. Stay Positive, open minded and connected;

I should just start off by saying, Nursing school is a whole new game. If anything, it is not even a game. So staying positive and keeping your mind open will give you the physical and mental strength to manoeuvre the unique challenges you will encounter.

An open mind will allow you to develop creative solutions for unique experiences. While staying connected may be seen as a network of ´iron sharpening iron´there are immense networks that traverse educational to social life. You will share common circumstances so being together will be great as a support system. Try your best to create constructive relationships with these people and you will thrive as a team not only in class but during clinical rotations.

Additionally, with these meaningful networks, you can create Study Groups (which is one of the Best Study Techniques), compare notes, support systems and in some cases, assist in choosing units. In some institutions, the courses are picked out beforehand and others you pick out the ones you want to do with basic guidance. Speak to lecturers about the synchronized units/courses to combine.

Maintaining positivity will lead you to focus on your goal despite the usual bumps in Nursing and life in general. On positivity, it is sometimes a concious decision, if not mandatory, to see the silver lining. And if you can’t see it just yet, stay concious of it’s presence.

2. Understand your learning style;

The sooner you get to know this the easier it will be for you to utilize your best learning techniques for maximum productivity and comprehension. Or how to combine these studying techniques to work best for you. Different lecturers teach differently, having you techniques mastered will assist you to hack course to course transition & have a fall back in case direct learning in lecture halls is incomprehensible.

3. Get a comfortable pair of shoes, clothes and functional stationary; 

You will walk from lecture hall to lecture hall and spend a considerable amount of hours on your feet during clinical rotations. It is advisable to wear breathable clothes that match the functionality for walking, bending and pacing during codes. There is particular stationery that is required by the professors beforehand. Strive to have these items on hand prior to the first day of nursing school.

4. Stay Organized; 

This is an incredible idea when it gets to getting the small matters out of the way so you can focus your energy on the things that truly matter. Create rhythmic routines earlier on such as waking up, eating time, preparing prior to class/clinicals, personalized study habits and identify your niche. By this, I mean, try to pinpoint a good library spot for yourself or such environments that synchronize with you.

5. Inculcate self-care into your lifestyle; 

This is one of the top skills to have for students, professionals and all round for both professional to personal life balance. Practising physical and mental wellness will help you not only with decompression but energising you for the responsibilities you have. They additionally combine as decompressive activities and productivity enhancers.

As a bonus, visualize success; This will help you, in the long run, to stay focused & stay driven. You have it in you, it does not matter if you haven´t found your niche yet. Sometimes we have to dig through a whole pile before we find our true selves but for sure! You were built with the tools to achieve all you aspire to.

Failing an exam is not the end of the world. If anything, look back and assess what you did wrong before then correct such mistakes and you will get better!

I wish you the best,


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