Habits of a Successful Nurse

The other day I was turning in for a shift that was as normal as the sun rising. Or so I thought.

This is something worth debating about. Nursing school, grades matter, and grades do not matter. Right answers are right, but there are answers that are most right. Nursing roles are often, if not always, exciting. However, they can be draining. There are The 10 Joys of Nursing & 10 more.

What might actually keep you craving Nursing is the scrubs. Pajama-like clothing that goes well with sneakers or airy clogs. But I´ll tell you, clogs are hard to look at and sneakers sip in body fluids.

So before I stream off further, there is one that has been on my mind quite lately. A passionate nurse friend of mine, sighing, wondered if Nursing is worth it. That, with a backdrop of shortages, low pay, among other recurrent challenges have to lead to a cycle of industrial actions. So you too would ask yourself, why on earth would I want to be a nurse?

You know what I took home with me that day? A once grade 4 bedsore that was closing up its final centimeter. It had not sporadically healed. I responded ¨welcome¨ to clients when they thanked me having primed myself not to expect any gratefulness.

There is weakness and strength in Nursing that can be misinterpreted for the other. The ying and the yang. Where it hurts to care yet the care is extremely fulfilling & unquantifiable to the point of donating blood between shifts. There are days that you will look for that fulfillment just to balance out or at least make sense of the dark cloud that seemingly hang over that shift. That day or ten years ago.

The satisfaction, I have realized, is an internal calm from knowing you gave it your best shot and internally patted your back despite any outcome. That is it.

There is no force, that can ever dampen the spirit of humanity. Because that, in dire times (or not) is what has kept life living. As some aspects of Nursing seemingly resist change despite the evolution of basic units of life, this resilience in Nursing will consistently prevail by our everyday choices. That is how Nursing succeeds.

Here is another perspective of Success in Nursing.

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