The heart and Art of Nursing

This artwork was done by dotting, a few months ago. It is one of the main organs of the body that connects the aspects of our holistic nature. The heart. You might be thinking, well, there is the brain and the infinite nature of…but no, it is the heart. In my books, atleast.. so let’s go on with this đŸ™‚ I´ll tell you why!

Sketching down

Over the years, I have experienced both on a personal and professional level how cardiovascular diseases have literally swept through communities in the world like wildfires. They have literally been compared to the effects of civil wars in terms of their after effects on families and debilitating human life. At 9 years old, I told my dad I wanted to become a nurse. Because the nurses of my childhood wore crisp white dresses. But on a more logical note, after mentorship by observation. Observing diligent nurses manage cardiovascular pathologies on a community level exceptionally well.

Fast forward to a few years ago, I was losing my faith in Nursing. It was ebbing away and the previous positive curiosity was gnawed at by fear of failing. Escapism. There are days that you know what is right to be done but you push back that thought because it makes you uncomfortable. Discomforting to hear, to do but more so, to digest. The more you avoid it, the further it goes away and the more you lose yourself to whatever ‘reality’ you think is The reality. More often than not, out of fear, panic over failing, fear of the unknown…

Dotting down

So on a canvas (inescapably large ), I thought to pour out what has built up my Nursing and that will be a reminder for what it is I want out of this. Also, what it means to be a Nurse from the perspective of exemplary Nurses. The cornerstone included is what valuable peers, mentors, parents & most importantly, patients have said over the years. A few words that powered up a day here and a shift there. Cumulatively, these moments, notes and talks curved out the professional path that we are currently on. A tough road that I stayed on, often, because of those people. If not for myself, this for patients, parents and mentors who power the cause.

Translated, the upper part of the heart is mainly tubules that direct blood in and out of the chambers. This blood, that energizes and nourishes our cells, goes through the lower chambers. The bottom of the heart, where our sincerity sits [I mean it, from the bottom of my heart ] is where these valuables words sit. On the bottom of this heart. And so from the bottom of this heart, comes the values of Nursing, redirected through beautiful flower like pathways, into actions. Actions that have infinite outcomes.

In a study room

These things that have been said of Nursing speak to life as well. For example, ¨The world is put back by everyone who has to sacrifice the development of their gifts to concentionality¨ basically, do not lose your flare!

Putting it out here, as a constant reminder. The genuine intentions to save human life are executed through an incredible profession that, many times, is kept afloat by these lives we intend to save. This etch work has gone a long way in maintaining my momentum and I hope it does to you too. Figuratively and literally, racing your heart.

This is why I heart Nursing.

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