Exemplary Women in Nursing; May 2019

On this month´s feature of Exemplary Women in Nursing, we have brought together diverse nurses from diverse backgrounds who have employed creative resources to improve patient care and elevate Nursing. Apart from empowering other nurses both directly and indirectly, these exemplary professionals have set a mark in improving nursing quality in their own unique ways.

Tobi Talks

Quality Improvement Nurse Specialist|Podcast Host | Speaker | Nursing Career Advisor

Tobi Tajomavwo also known as Tobi Talks hosts a podcast focused on Nursing Career Guides for millennials. She has been a nurse for 12 years, 6 of those as a Registered Nurse.

As a nurse mentor and change agent, Tobi uses her platforms to empower Nursing. Spotlighting Nurse specialists, talking speciality to speciality transition and highlighting diversity in Nursing, she has bridged mentors to mentees in healthcare.

Tobi is Available on Tobi Talks podcast through the Tobi Talks App & Instagram, among other socials.

Cat Law

Midwife|Nursing student

Cat law has added Nursing to her string of degrees where she started life as an accountant. This bold curiosity towards purpose goes to show that hurdles can be worked around and no time is too late.

While working as a midwife and studying to be a nurse, she is specialising in Domiciliary and Special Care Nursey. These fields involve follow up care postnatally for a healthy, well-informed hospital to home transition. Special Care involves caring for premature and small or unwell newborns as well as educating parents on the individual child care and needs.

Having Nursing and Midwifery, she intends to give care from both perspectives, in the end, provide holistic care.

On her SM platform, Cat Law addresses midwifery questions and neonatal care through #yourpocketmidwife on Instagram

Nurse Anya

Nurse|PhD Student

Anna Diane has Nursing experience of over 5 years having worked in a liver ICU, GI unit and Nursing informatics. Nurse Anya has interests in health technology (mHealth), informatics, genomics and precision health to curb health disparities in minority patients.

From the get-go, Nurse Anya was mentored into Intensive Care Nursing by her ICU nurse mother who had over 10-years experience in the field. Basing the profession on diverse backgrounds, while exploring her own diverse roots, has catapulted nurse Anya into patient advocacy and leadership. The idea behind effective empathy is more than understanding the diagnosis but understanding cultural perspectives that influence health. She is also passionate about curbing health care disparities through informatics.

Nurse Anya on Instagram

Claire Carmichael

3rd yr student nurse|Student academic Leader|
Extra Mile, inspirational student of the year award winner

Claire recently won the Inspirational Student of the year award at Birmingham City University! She is an exemplary nurse who got into Nursing training at age 34 after working several years in reproductive health. Her passion for nursing has catapulted Claire into student leadership and an ambassador of her uni among other roles. In her Diary of a Student Nurse blog, Claire share students experiences, tips and advice on succeeding in Nursing school.

Knowing Claire, she is one of the most determined, happy spirited, selfless nurses who’s infectious positivity you can catch through her socials Instagram and Youtube.

The BurnOut Book


Anna M. Rodriguez has a cardiac and critical care background in Nursing. She also has 10 years experience in medical/surgical, telemetry, cardiovascular ICU, nurse manager, ICU travel nurse, critical care float pool, and endoscopy.

Anna began a burnout book where she documented her nursing days’ highs and lows from university. Going forward, Anna explored this as an avenue to manage occupational hazards which has now grown to The Burn Out book. There, she extensively discusses guides on combating occupational hazards such as burn out, compassion fatigue plus, invites the experience of other professionals in the field. As a burnout survivor, Anna continues to help nurses be resilient and find unique routes in Nursing.

On Instagram, she goes by The Burnout book

Simply RN

ICU Nurse

Fatima is a new grad having completed her Nursing training in May 2018, rode the NCLEX train and started practicing on a medicine intensive care unit.

The thing that got me into the nursing game was how hands on it was and the stability. I know people shy away to speak about the benefit of having a stable nursing job straight out of undergrad but it’s the truth. Yes, I love to help people and be there for people in their most vulnerable times, but nursing isn’t the only career to do that. I grew up in a household where my parents sacrificed everything to offer me a good education.

Watching them as I grew up really showed me how important a stable career path is for me. Choosing Nursing brought me the best of both worlds of being stable and doing what I love to do most. I love how nursing is focused on making people feel cared for in the scary world of medicine! Long story short, the nursing profession is a beautiful profession that allows you to be there in those scary moments, those rich moments, those saddest moments of saying goodbye and even those moments of welcoming a new life into the world! I really enjoy being present in all the miracles and joys of life!

Fatima delights in highlighting the adventurous journey of a new nurse slowing easing into ICU and some realities on the worth of coffee in the process! 

More on instagram 

Until next time, elevate Nursing!

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