From childhood we started running to school, then for fun, soon it became an addictive soother. Easing temporal tensions from Nursing School studies and just finding freedom in a Flight (sort of) mode.

The tighter the schedule, the stronger the need for and ease of fitness. Gradually becoming a cemented part of the day.

Fitness, like Nursing, has it’s pleasure and pain. Starting off seemingly tough. With time, you’ll see that it’s adjectivably hooking!

There are so many ways Running has brought ease into Nursing & joy to my life. To say the truth, sometimes an escape from it šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

As a practitioner, it has helped me become stronger. Physical resilience plus moving swiftly in the clinical area.

Psychologically, my mental hygiene has been maintained majorly through fitness.

To the subject that moves my soul, Non communicable diseases (directly&/indirectly), Fitness has catalysed discussions on health maintainance with patients. Helping make their journeys to optimum health so so relatable! That we are, at times, on the same frequency and I hope that gives them confidence.

This empathy is the holism Nursing & Running.

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