I hope you are all safe and well. The past few weeks have been clouded by uncertainity and as that may go on for a while, i may have lost the rhythm of studying. You may have experienced this as well. Have You? I have found a way of maneuvering that!

If there is anything i know for certain is that this will pass. And systems with resume and more so, as nurses, we are a resource now and we will continue to be a valuable resource to healthcare teams and to our communities.

So how else to make use of the ‘luxury’ of time to practice some professional development and emotional resilience. The emotional upheaval faced by healthcare professionals is a whole other world but for now, i have Pomodoro with ChillHop music to thank for helping keep some hours of the days calm enough for me to study and stay, grounded.

Here is one of those days, in the next video. I hope this will power you through some hours of your day and give you great company towards productivity. In addition, i absolutely pray that you are well and be assured, we will be fine.

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