Medical Mondays!

Nursing and all healthcare professions, like daily living, are continually evolving, and as participants or existence in both of these worlds, healthcare providers ought to grow simultaneously.

Healthcare practice indeed transforms continuously based on several factors, such as changing patient needs. So it’s significant for Nurses, particularly as the largest group of healthcare providers, to keep learning in order to provide meaningful up to date evidence-based Nursing care.

Hence, our new podcast episode Medical Mondays.

We discuss medical conditions, terminologies and so on from a Nursing Perspective to constanly refresh knowledge.

On a reflective note, this is a concept we learnt in Nursing school. Simplified, take note of one new terminology, conceprt or idea on a daily basis then look it up then or later. This has been extremely useful, for me, as a student and currently as a nurse practitioner in expanding and updating healthcare knowldege.

We have adopted this idea for the Daily Dose of Nursing where a compressed definition is available on a daily basis. Medical Mondays is an expounded version this. We briefly discuss medical conditions or snipets of the same. References for these material are available on the website. Simply search for the topic of interest.

Quick Disclaimer: Note that these resources are exclusively for Nursing and midwifery education and do not serve as medical advice.

Until next time, Elevate Nursing!

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