NCLEX Exams Practice Questions Set 1

1. A two-year-old is admitted due to suspected intussusception.
Which of the following is associated with intussusception?:
Projectile Vomiting
palpable mass over the flank
¨Ribbonlike¨ stools
¨Currant Jelly¨ Stools
2. Which of the following findings would be expected in the infant
with biliary atresia?
Rapid Weight gain and hepatomegaly
Dark Stools and poor weight gain
Abdominal distention and rapid weight gain
Adbominal distention and poor weight gain
3. The physician has made a diagnosis of “shaken child” syndrome for a 13-month-old who was brought to the emergency room after a reported fall from his highchair. Which finding supports the diagnosis of “shaken child” syndrome?
Fracture of the Clavicle
Periobital Brusing
fracture of the humerus
retinal hemorrhages
4. The nurse is teaching the mother of an infant with galactosemia. Which information should be included in the nurse’s teaching?:
Sources of galactose are essential for growth
Future children will not be affected
Foods containing galactose can gradually be added
Check food and drug labels for the presence of lactose
5. A four-year-old is admitted with acute leukemia. It will be most
important to monitor the child for?
Abdominal pain and anorexia
Petechiae and mucosal ulcers
Fatigue and bruising
Bleeding and pallor

All the absolute best with this quick practice questions! A tip that I often found to be useful is to read through the topic or diagnosis independently regardless of the answer you selected. In so doing, you will learn more about the condition incase you come across it in the clinical area or in the actual licensure exams.

Reference Rinehart et al. 2017

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