NCLEX practice Questions SET 2

1. A patient is admitted with renal failre and is prescribed a low potassium diet. Which of the following do you advice the patient consume?:
A cup of beef broth
A baked potato with skin
A half a cup of raisins
A cup of rice

2. An appropriate nursing intervention for the client with borderline
personality disorder is:
Allowing the patient to select a primary caregiver
Restricting the client to lead unit group sessions
Allowing the patient to lead the unit group sessions
Observing the patient for signs of depression and suicidal thinking

3. Which of the following is an expected finding in the assessment of a client with bulimia nervosa:
Extreme Weight Loss
Presence of lanugo over the body
Muscle Wasting
Erosion of the tooth enamel

4. Assuming that all have achoeved normal cognitive and emotional development, which of the following children is att greatest risk for accidental poisoning :

5. which of the follwoing terms describes the play activity of the preschool age child:

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