NCLEX practice Questions SET 3

1.The nurse is ready to begin an exam on a nine-month-old infant who is sitting quietly on his mother’s lap. Which should the nurse do first?:
Check the babinski reflex
Check the tympanic membranes
Palpate the abdomen
Listen to the heart and lung sounds

2. In terms of cognitive development, a three-year-old would be
expected to::
See things from the perspective of others
Think abstractly
Understand conservation of matter
Use magical thinking

3. Which of the following describes the language development of a two-year-old?:
Doesn’t understand yes and no
Understands the meaning of all words
Repeatedly asks “why?”
Can combine three or four words

4. A client who has been receiving Urokinase (uPA) for deep vein
thrombosis is noted to have dark brown urine in the urine collection
bag. Which action should the nurse take immediately?:
Prepare an injection of vitamin K
Irrigate the urinary catheter with 50 mL of normal
Offer the client additional oral fluids
Withhold the medication and notify the physician

5. Which of the following can occur with the frequent use of calciumbased antacids?:
Delayed gastric emptying

Courtesy of Rhinehart et al. 2017

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