NCLEX Review Questions Set 5

1. A patient is ordered antithrombotic stockings for a patient with peripheral vascular disease. The nurse knows the antothrombotic stokcings should be applied?:
After the client has bathed and applied lotion to the legs
With the clinet in a standing position
Before the client retires in the evening
Before the client arises in the morning
2. The nurse has just received the change of shift report and is preparing to make rounds. Which client should the nurse assess first?:
A client being prepared for discharge following a right
A client recovering from a stroke with an oxygen
saturation rate of 99%
A client three days post-coronary artery bypass graft
with an oral temperature of 100.2ºF
A client admitted one hour ago with rales and
shortness of breath
3. A client with a femoral popliteal bypass graft is assigned to a
semiprivate room. The most suitable roommate for this client is the client with:?:
Bacterial Pneumonia
Diabetic Ulcers
4. The nurse is teaching the client regarding use of sodium warfarin.
Which statement made by the client would require further teaching??:
“I will have blood drawn every month.”
“I will assess my skin for a rash.”
“I will use an electric razor to shave.”
“I take aspirin for a headache.”
5. The client returns to the recovery room following repair of an
abdominal aneurysm. Which finding would require further investigation?:
Regular pedal pulses
Blood pressure 108/50
Oxygen saturation 97%
Urinary output 20mL in the past hour

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