SCALING UP and into 2022

Here is a video of our prospects of Elevate Nursing for the new year and a warm message to our community members and those slated to join šŸ™‚


This week we are practising and revising for the NCLEX exams in video discussions. Here is the link to that as I wish you the absolute best in the licensure exams!

Productivity Partnerships!

We are within the working week, yes? Well, we’ve got company. Good company! For you to work along with and stay energised. Pomodoro, the acclaimed time management tool and calming piano music to carry us through. Click the link below and let us partner for one hour of non-stop productivity! This modified pomodoro session is one hour with no breaks and is curated for continuous tasks consuming longer than the usual twenty-five minutes. I wish you a productive session.

Study With Me


This book review has little to no spoilers whatsoever! Lee Gutkind has done Nursing and Midwifery justice in this book. As a practicing nurse, it has given me a profound dissection of the potential of these professions. I reckon you will absolutely enjoy this book if you havenĀ“t read it and if you have, share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

YOUTUBE: Floating to Critical Care

For nurses and midwives, the surge in hospital admission related to the pandemic and staffing needs has made transfers to other units quite common. Here are 10 tips and ideas on how to prepare for the next time you are asked to float to critical care from other units and vice versa.

Let Us Get Familiar | Question and Answer

Hello there! I hope you are keeping safe and are well! I do hope Nurses’ week was amazing for you. If you can, send some positive energy to a nurse or midwife. For sure, they’d appreciate it. Or send them some cookies. Well, that is slightly biased to yours truly…

On to the video. As we wound up nurses’ week, I thought, why don’t we get to know each other? Well, here is a video with chats and answers on some questions sent in through Instagram.


I hope you are all safe and well. The past few weeks have been clouded by uncertainity and as that may go on for a while, i may have lost the rhythm of studying. You may have experienced this as well. Have You? I have found a way of maneuvering that!

If there is anything i know for certain is that this will pass. And systems with resume and more so, as nurses, we are a resource now and we will continue to be a valuable resource to healthcare teams and to our communities.

So how else to make use of the ‘luxury’ of time to practice some professional development and emotional resilience. The emotional upheaval faced by healthcare professionals is a whole other world but for now, i have Pomodoro with ChillHop music to thank for helping keep some hours of the days calm enough for me to study and stay, grounded.

Here is one of those days, in the next video. I hope this will power you through some hours of your day and give you great company towards productivity. In addition, i absolutely pray that you are well and be assured, we will be fine.

YouTube: Paul Kalanithi When Breath Becomes Air

Welcome to our first-ever book review. Paul Kalanithi’s When Breath Becomes Air is now up on YouTube!

I got around to finishing this book in about a week so here are my two cents. Let me know your impressions if you have read it.

Study With Me

Hi there! I hope school, work and life are all treating you well.

IĀ“ve been putting Pomodoro to proper use lately and honestly, this is the best technique for productivity and concentration. So how about productivity partnership and we can all get the most done? If you are studying, working or getting down to any other tasks, the lofi chill music gives a good background beat.

If you would like to work along, hereĀ“s a series of videos where we can keep each other company at work. I do hope you find it useful.

Best, Kate!