Nursing Licensure Quiz; Nursing Research and Teaching Methodologies

1. Explain dependent personality disorder

2. Define the following terms in research;

  • Sampling error
  • Standard error of the mean

3. Describe any two types of leadership;

  • Autocratic
  • Democratic
  • Transformational
  • Transactional
  • Laisse-faire

4. Explain three benefits of delegation to:

  • The delegator
  • The delegatee

Bonus Question

5. Define the following probability sampling methods non-probability sampling methods;

  • Quota sampling
  • Accidental sampling
  • Judgemental or purposive sampling
  • Expert sampling
  • Snowball sampling
  • Modal instant sampling
  • Heterogeneity sampling

Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)

Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is significantly associated with:-

a) The occurrence of a fit

b) The amperage

c) The anaesthetic properties of drug used

d) The amount of atropine


Anticonvulsants should not be discontinued abruptly because the patient may:-

a) Be predisposed to experience hypertension

b) Develop neuroleptic malignancy syndrome

c) Experience status epilepticus

d) Develop tardive dyskinesia

Answer. C


The theorist who stressed the to balance worker regimentation and scalar chain of authority against concern for equity and esprit de corps is:-

a) Elton Mayo

b) Fredrick Taylor

c) Henri Fayol

d) Douglas McGregor

Pre-Senile Dementia

The following illnesses lead to pre-senile dementia:

a) Manic depressive psychosis, Alzheimer´s disease

b) Alzheimer´s disease. Huntington´s chorea

c) Huntington´s chorea, schizophrenia

d) Schizophrenia, manic depressive psychosis

Goals of a Therapeutic Community

One of the goals of a therapeutic community is to allow clients to become more independent and accept self-responsibility. Which of the following approaches by staff encourages the fulfilment of this goal?

a) Including client input and decisions in the treatment plan

b) Insisting that each client take a turn as ¨president¨ of the community meeting

c) Making decisions for the client regarding plans for treatment

d) Ensuring that the client is attentive during group sessions

Answer: A

Psychological processes in Counselling

In a counselling session, therapy takes place through some of the following psychological processes:-

a) Empathy, being non-judgemental, reflection

b) Listening, sympathy, confrontation

c) Systematic desensitization, reinforcement, sympathy

d) Hypnosis, Suggestion, assuarance

Answer: A

Psychiatry; Hallucinations

While in a psychiatric ward, a patient tells you that he is Jesus Christ and has come to save the world. The correct response would be:-

a) But Jesus was a Jew.

b) I do not agree with you.

c) I hear what you are saying, only that Jesus Christ lived and died a long time go. 

d)I hear what you are saying but I note that that you are not an ordained pastor.

Answer: C

Milleu Therapy

Milleu therapy is a good choice for clients with antisocial personality disorder because it:-

a)Provides a system of punishment and rewards for behavior modification

b) Emulates a social community in which the client may learn to live harmoniously with others

c)Provides one to one interaction between the client and the therapist

d)Provides a very structured setting in which the clients have very little input into the planning of their care

Answer: B

Endogenous Depression

Characteristic features of endogenous depression include:-

a) Feelings of guilt

b) Delusions of grandiose

c) Agoraphobia

d) Feelings of passivity