In 8 Minutes; Anatomy and function of the Heart

Medical Mondays is a weekly show on the Elevate Nursing Podcast on educational resources for nurses and midwives for professional development. We discuss the anatomy and physiology of the heart as a foundation for understanding the pathologies of the cardiovascular system.

The human heart is the gateway to functioning of all tissues. In an 8 minute podcast episode, here is how it looks and works! This podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google podcasts and soundcloud.

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Disclaimer: These resources are exclusively for education and NOT medical advice and should not be employed as medical advice.

Medical Mondays!

Nursing and all healthcare professions, like daily living, are continually evolving, and as participants or existence in both of these worlds, healthcare providers ought to grow simultaneously.

Healthcare practice indeed transforms continuously based on several factors, such as changing patient needs. So it’s significant for Nurses, particularly as the largest group of healthcare providers, to keep learning in order to provide meaningful up to date evidence-based Nursing care.

Hence, our new podcast episode Medical Mondays.

We discuss medical conditions, terminologies and so on from a Nursing Perspective to constanly refresh knowledge.

On a reflective note, this is a concept we learnt in Nursing school. Simplified, take note of one new terminology, conceprt or idea on a daily basis then look it up then or later. This has been extremely useful, for me, as a student and currently as a nurse practitioner in expanding and updating healthcare knowldege.

We have adopted this idea for the Daily Dose of Nursing where a compressed definition is available on a daily basis. Medical Mondays is an expounded version this. We briefly discuss medical conditions or snipets of the same. References for these material are available on the website. Simply search for the topic of interest.

Quick Disclaimer: Note that these resources are exclusively for Nursing and midwifery education and do not serve as medical advice.

Until next time, Elevate Nursing!

Demystifying Psychological Hazards & Mental Health with a Psychologist

The mental health of healthcare professionals is a subject worth getting into. This is further prompted by the outcomes of psychological hazards.

The New York times in an article showed the suicide rates among doctors and nurses has been increasing. This has begs the question-why this is so and what we can do about this shocking reality?

Interview with counselling Psychologist, Kallen Kimani

In this series we are finding solutions. This will hopefully reverse the implication of these hazards on the doctors and nurses, their professionalism, the perception of the profession and improve patient outcomes. In the long term become a positive contribution to health development goals.

A few weeks ago we sat down with a clinical Psychologist, specialized in counselling & community development, answering some questions on medics’ mental health 🙂🙂 On the Elevate Nursing Podcast,Kallen Kimani guides us in understanding psychological hazards for health care professionals & how to manage them.

The two part episode is available on Soundcloud and iTunes.

006: Mental Health Wellness for Nurses & Health care professionals

May being mental health awareness month, the conversations around nurses week brought up the contents of this episode. We are discussing the impact, prevention and management of psychological hazards in healthcare

In follow up episodes, we will invite professionals to lend their advice in dealing with these consitions.

We truly hope you find this mini series useful. Share with us your experiences and feedback here.

This podcast is available on iTunes, Soundcloud and stitcher

005: Succeeding at Nursing Clinical Rotations, managing & making the most out of fear

A discussion on succeeding during nursing clinical training with a few ideas on preparation.

We also break down the management of the fear that comes with clinical placements in order to not only manage it, but increase productivity.

Links mentioned:
Three Steps to writing Nursing Care Plans

Minimalist Three Sectioned Clinical Bag

004: 5 tips to joining Nursing School

There is getting stoked! There is overjoyed and afraid, and the silence before we all imagine what Nursing will be like. Halfway through it, you might realise you were right! or wrong?

So we´ve pulled together 6 ideas that will prepare you both physically and psychologically for Nursing school. Here is ten minutes of that chat.

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If you are in Nursing or if you are getting ready to join, you´ve got this!

003: Tips to Choosing a Nursing Specialty Part 2

On this second part, we discuss the five pointers in conscious career decision making within Nursing. Among these are two pointers on merging your interests and Nursing towards a unique career path will have you on the ´most wanted´side of demand.

We´ve also unpacked the fallacy of specialty vs personality, where it is said personality comes first. In view of this, we encourage you to listen to this and the first part of this episode.

Let me know if this episode is useful to you in anyway. I hope these pointers resonate w/you. Until next time, thank you.

002: Choosing a Nursing Specialty part 1

The developing Nursing series is centred on developing Nurses from a young professional age by making concious professional decisions. However, there are guides for more seasoned nurses interested in reshaping their career paths.

On this episode, we chat about five tips to choosing a nursing specialty. One such is on how nurses can find opportunities of need and demand through healthcare trends.